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Formby Flooring have recently moved their premises within Formby to a massive new showroom which incorporates the latest Karndean Flooring showroom which is the newest and best in the North West of England. Please look below at some of the sub brands within the fantastic Karndean Collection and let Formby Flooring Centre provide you with not only one the best flooring produts on the market, but also fantastic service from their fully trained and experienced staff.

Knight Tile Collection
The Knight Tile range brings you cutting edge design at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for slate, marble or stone, ceramic, terracotta or wood, the collection comes in six distinctive looks and an array of textures, finishes and colours. So you have the scope to design and create house-build projects – exactly the way you want. Combine styles for a contemporary look. Or create a unique floor with decorative borders and strips.

Durable and versatile, the collection is perfect for residential spaces, and commercial light footfall areas. Knight Tile delivers all the benefits of the natural products – including its unbelievably realistic look and feel – but with none of the drawbacks

Opus Collection

The Opus range was introduced in 2011 to provide larger format stone and wood effect floors in contemporary colours and designs. It is particularly suited to larger rooms where a more modern, clean look is desired.

The wood plank range has a variety of light wood effect tones, mid wood tones and dark wood tones including contemporary grey and grey-brown shades. They have either a smooth or lightly textured finish, with most designs supplied in standard plank size. However there are four designs in an extra wide format suitable for larger living spaces.

Opus is the range to choose if you would like modern large floor tiles. The square tiles are supplied in our largest square tile size. There are also large rectangular tiles which can be laid in a brick style pattern to achieve a different look. Each design replicates natural stone or ceramic flooring, with the exception of two metallic effect designs that help give a modern chic city living look

Van Gogh Collection
Make a bold design statement with the Van Gogh range. These on-trend, wide planks and tactile surfaces reflect both the look and feel of real wood – with none of the disadvantages. Inspired by exotic wood species – the knots, patterns and textures create a sense of rustic warmth, or contemporary chic.

Our large 48″ x 7″ stunning planks are quick and easy to install. So they’re perfect for big installations when time’s pressing. And this natural effect flooring is as durable as it is stylish – ideal for heavy footfall areas such as shops, bars and offices. Choose from a wide range of colours for a unique look – one that will remain as good as new for years to come

Michelangelo Collection
Create a stunning impact with the eye-catching designs of the Michelangelo range. Perfect for hotels, spas and salons – or anywhere that needs an original look. Get a distinctive metal floor effect for a contemporary restaurant, or a unique Italian mosaic effect for a more classical atmosphere. An ever-popular product range, the tactile patterns bring a sense of added depth to any space.

Michelangelo puts choice in your hands – with an array of colours and design options, traditional and larger sized tiles. And the collection’s wooden planks offer everything from the lightness of bleached pine, to honey-coloured burnt ash and deep scorched oak. We’ve harnessed the very best of the natural world to bring you innovation at its finest

Da Vinci Collection
Take your pick from a huge range of styles, sizes and colours with the premium Da Vinci range. Bevelled edging on both the tiles and planks creates high definition, feature floors – floors that push the boundaries of traditional design. Da Vinci wood planks are inspired by real tree types – from Kenyan Tigerwood to Columbian Pine.

From natural stone, wood and slate to classic ceramic, each style adds a unique touch to commercial projects. Whether it’s a hygienic dentists’ surgery, or a durable, fashionable retail outlet. And the collection is extra hard-wearing for heavy footfall areas – such as hotel lobbies, education suites or busy bars.


Art Select Collection

Island Limestone
Our stunning Art Select – Island Limestone range is utterly unique in the market. Cutting-edge and contemporary, the collection was developed using the very latest print technology. Each one-metre panel is made of nine distinct pieces – meaning faster installation times.

Your customers can enjoy the characteristic, natural effect of limestone tiles with none of the maintenance issues. Even down to the grouting and bevelled edges. Choose from a range of colours, from creamy white Alderney to sandy Sark, light hazel Jersey to walnut brown Guernsey. And add a touch of fresh, modern sophistication to any environment.

Hand Crafted Wood
Our groundbreaking Art Select – Hand Crafted Wood range perfectly replicates its natural counterpart. Yet there’s no danger of splintering, creaking or cracking – unlike natural wood flooring. Unique surface contours and distinct bevelled edges give the range its hand crafted look and feel. So any business environment will benefit from the contemporary atmosphere it creates.

Stylish and versatile, you can choose from a range of three colours. The chestnut overtones of Hickory Paprika, deep, coffee coloured Hickory Peppercorn or the yellow oak glint of Hickory Nutmeg. And with the large plank size of 38″ x 6″, installation is made easy for any environment – large or small.

Oak Royale
The Art Select – Oak Royale collection bears all the markings of talented craftsmanship. Traditional wood rendering techniques have been perfectly reproduced in every plank. Each one features a unique grain pattern and distinctive textured finish – for the contemporary look of hand scraped wood.

Low maintenance and quick to install, these modern wood effect planks offer both fashion and function. So they’re ideal for public environments – from local cafes to large retail outlets. Add the final, pristine touch with a choice of four colours: the blonde hues of Spring Oak or the golden glow of Summer Oak, the luxurious warmth of Autumn Oak or the chocolate tones of Winter Oak.


add impact with a wide array of hues, shapes & patterns including cubes, hexagons, chevrons & woven designs.

Kaleidoscope is a unique collection of wood, stone and block colours available in six geometric designs.Individual shapes are cut from original Karndean products, meaning they retain our authentic designs and key technical specification including slip resistance, wear layer and light reflectance value (LRV).

Heritage collection 

Designed to give the opulent look of classic geometric tiles, from striking monochrome designs to beautifully blended traditional patterns.